Mecki Naschke

Project Manager, Non Haz City 3 EU-Projekt 

Mecki Naschke is our project manager for the NonHazCity 3 EU-project which is raising awareness within the construction sector in the Baltic region regarding their circularity and particularly regarding pollution and climate change via capacity building and by an award for cities.

 Previously she has been advocating for a more responsible use of chemicals in various positions. As a lobbyist for the environmental NGOs she followed the negotiations of EUs chemicals policy REACH in Brussels. Later she headed an international team at an organic certification body to advance organic textiles, leather, detergents and cosmetics. She is experienced in chemicals evaluation, particularly of textile- and leather chemicals, dyestuffs, additives for plastics and rubber as well as of pesticides and has already worked to combine these aspects with core elements of circularity.

 She is a textile engineer specialized in dyeing and finishing, spent 5 months with a local NGO in West-Africa and in total one year at the Eco institute in Freiburg. She completed her Master’s in Environmental Engineering and Management in Lausanne by carrying out a life-cycle assessment.