Jeffrey Opoku

After being exposed to the SDGs in high school, I developed a burning desire to make a difference in my community. This led me to implement my first community-led project, providing free environmental education and recycling bins to four public schools for hands-on waste separation. The success of this project sparked my interest in environmental sustainability. And now, I boldly identify myself as a sustainable development advocate. My motivation is to improve livelihoods, and reduce the vulnerability of the poor through climate adaptation. With the growing inequality and low level of climate engagement at the country level – Ghana, I established the Sustainability Week Accra project, a student-run organization as part of the Sustainability Week International Network, where I co-lead with like-minded peers in co-designing series of climate-related activities to build awareness on climate change and promote sustainable development practices to students, university staff, and the broader public. In addition, I work closely with 25onehundred in developing a climate youth fund to support grassroots climate protection innovations and as a Youth: Present Representative from Ghana.