Boping Chen

China Director of the World Future Council.

Boping Chen joined the World Future Council Climate and Energy Team as the new China Director in June 2015.

Before joining the World Future Council, Boping was the Director of Policy of WWF China, responsible for building partnerships with government, academies and international organizations, leading general policy research and advocacy to promote environmental conservation in China’s domestic development policy as well as its overseas trade and investment agenda. For her earlier years with WWF, Boping was the Footprint Program Manager, responsible for footprint policy research and advocacy, with green economy as one of the focuses. Boping led the development of China Ecological Footprint Report, the research on Beyond GDP Indicators and research on Environmental and Resource Implication of China’s Urbanization process.

Before joining WWF, Boping was the Project Manager of IT Power, a consulting company on climate change and energy. Before that, she took positions with Dexia, a European banking group, to develop project and public finance business in China and EU-China Natural Forest Management Project where she grew her interests in environmental conservation.