Barbara Woschek

Benefactress and Initiator of the Ending Violence against Women and Girls Project.

Barbara Woschek studied social work with a focus on social groups and community work. Her personal commitment centered on the topic “violence against women”.

Together with a group of women, she founded one of the first autonomous women’s shelters in Germany in 1976, in which she was employed as a social worker. When she had to withdraw from work due to health reasons, Barbara Woschek started training in bodywork-methods and vocal work followed by further trainings in spiritual healing.

Barbara Woschek’s environmental commitment is expressed by consequently focusing on biologically oriented design and construction of residential houses and the active support of various ecological projects. Today, her focus lies on geomantic healing. She has founded a center for spiritual healing.

In 2008, she became acquainted with the work of the WFC, which became a matter of the heart to her. She has set herself the task to ensure, that the WFC is generating a substantial financial basis for the long-term and hence to enable the achievement of WFC’s objectives. Further, she initiated and enabled the Future Policy Award 2014 on “ending violence against women and girls”.