Barbara Woschek

Sustainable Philanthropist  and Initiator of the Ending Violence against Women and Girls Project.

Barbara Woschek studied social work with an emphasis on social groups and community work focusing on helping people to help themselves. Her personal commitment centered on the topic “ending violence against women”.

Together with a group of women, she founded one of the first autonomous women’s shelters in Germany in 1976, in which she was employed as a social worker.

Barbara Woschek started training in bodywork-methods and vocal work followed by further trainings in spiritual healing. A serious illness served her as spiritual master.

Her multifaceted commitment includes environmental protection, gender equality, joint ventures, alternative medicine, and spirituality. She is convinced they are all interconnected, and need to be liberated from patriarchal structures in order to enable a more just and survivable world for future generations.  She has founded a center for peace work and spiritual healing.

In 2008, she found the World Future Council to be her political home and set herself the task to ensure, that the WFC is generating a substantial financial basis for the long-term and hence to enable the achievement of the WFC’s ambitious worldwide objectives. Further, she initiated and enabled the Future Policy Award 2014 on “ending violence against women and girls”.

Today, she focuses on the empowerment of women and sustainable economic systems.

Since 2018, Barbara Woschek lives in Canada, practising organic farming and forest management with her two sons.

She is a member of the World Future Council.