Annisa Hadny

I have an educational background in architecture at the bachelor’s level and urban design at the master’s level. I am a person who is very concerned about inclusive and sustainable urban development, especially by prioritizing the bottom-up concept with community empowerment. In 2016 I have been active in joint activities with the residents in kampung kota (a dense and usually projected as a slum area in the city) to have a proper public space with a participatory concept from the residents. In this project, I also organized people to carry out the advocacy process to the government and collaborate with academics as their power and bergaining position. After that, I continued my professional architectural activities with the community together with the Community Architect Network (Arkom) and carried out planning, design, and development activities for urban, rural, and post-disaster areas using a participatory method. Together with Arkom, I have carried out many planning and advocacy activities with riverbank residents in Yogyakarta City to create a more ecological and sustainable living space. I had experience on working with Slum Dwellers International and Asia Coalition Housing Right (ACHR) to conduct a participatory mapping with the community by utilize mobile apps.
I am also concerned about the problem of inequality in urban areas. Together with the ACHR and the University College of London, I joined an action-research entitled Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality as a project manager for the urban area of ​​Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I also experienced as a speaker at the International Conference held by the Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS) in a panel entitled Opportunity and Challenge to Urban Equality. In 2019, I was also one of the panelists in the panel discussion at the Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF) in the Shaping Pathway to Urban Equality panel.
In addition, I am currently an influencer who moves young people to be more sensitive in responding to environmental issues globally, namely about climate change and what steps can be taken together by building mutual awareness to be able to minimize more extreme climate change, which of course will have a more extreme impact.