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Press release: Empowering Youth

Hamburg/New York, 5th April 2019 – Global contest announced by the World Future Council, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), with the support of the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Youth Policy Labs.

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The best way to honour Judge Weeramantry is by learning from and using his ...

January 10, 2017/by Alexandra Schiffmann

World Future Council mourns death of founding member and Honorary Councillor Judge Weeramantry

January 6, 2017/by Annette Diegel

“The Transformative Power of Justice”: A Creative Tribute on UN Human Rights Day

January 5, 2017/by Annette Diegel

A Conversation with Kehkashan Basu and Pauline Tangiora

June 28, 2016/by Alexandra Schiffmann

COP13: Costa Rica and the Benefits of Prosperity Sharing

December 2, 2016/by World Future Council

After COP22, Morocco to implement 100% RE

November 21, 2016/by World Future Council

48 most vulnerable countries lead the 100% Renewables movement

November 18, 2016/by World Future Council

The Right to Food

November 16, 2016/by World Future Council

Beyond Fire: New Report Suggests a Complete Rethink of the Future Path towards Sustainable ...

November 15, 2016/by World Future Council

100% Renewable Energy a must for limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees

November 14, 2016/by World Future Council

Education – a Key Driver to Deliver Climate Action

November 10, 2016/by Annette Diegel

Financing the 1.5°C Limit

November 10, 2016/by Annette Diegel

The New Urban Agenda: More Power to Cities? Yes, but how?

November 8, 2016/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Breakthrough: How to claim back our future

October 2, 2016/by Annette Diegel

World’s environmental education experts meet in Maryland

October 26, 2016/by World Future Council

Istanbul Convention: Check how your country is doing in our map

May 22, 2016/by Alexandra Schiffmann

A Roadmap for 100% Renewable Energy in Morocco

October 26, 2016/by World Future Council

Environmental education vital in fight against climate change

October 25, 2016/by World Future Council