LiveEarth: Kids Call For An End To Climate Chaos

Bianca Jagger Launches “KidsCall” Campaign at LiveEarth and Collects First of Millions of Letters From Children of the World

Hamburg/London July 7, 2007: As an official partner of LiveEarth, the World Future Council (WFC) successfully launched its KidsCall campaign live on stage at the Hamburg concert on Saturday.

Over one hundred children presented WFC Chair Bianca Jagger with their letters and pictures addressed to the world’s political leaders, voicing their concerns over climate change. Over the course of the next year, the World Future Council will collect many more such letters and pictures urging G8 leaders to live up to their responsibilities and act now to protect the climate and life on earth.

As LiveEarth and the World Future Council share the same values and objectives, Human Rights advocate and WFC Chair Bianca Jagger said it was logical to start the KidsCall campaign at the concert,

“Live Earth has promised ‘to engage, connect and inspire individuals, corporations and governments to take action to solve the climate crisis.’ The voice of future generations should be heard in this context. We believe that the launch of our campaign will be a valuable piece in the Live Earth jigsaw”, said Bianca Jagger.

Against the backdrop of a huge envelope displaying the campaign address, the youngsters then appealed in 20 different languages to the children of the world to “help save life on earth: write to the politicians.”

These letters will be exhibited in parliaments around the world, before WFC Chair Bianca Jagger, together with children involved in the campaign, will present the letters to political leaders at the G8 summit in Japan in exactly one year’s time on July 7th 2008.

Listen to the Future Generation

“Everyday more and more children are concerned about the catastrophic consequences of man made climate chaos, and they fear for their future. The World Future Council has pledged to be a voice for future generations and that is why it is committed to providing a platform that children can use to transmit their concerns and reach out to world leaders”, said Human Rights advocate Bianca Jagger.

The aim of the KidsCall campaign is to ensure decision-makers are aware of the responsibility they bear for future generations. And the children on stage in Hamburg certainly made those present sit up and listen! In keeping with the musical flair of the day, the youngsters performed their very own LiveEarth song. Especially written for the event, the KidsCall children entertained the crowd with “We are the Future Generation”.

As the voice of future generations, the World Future Council has launched the campaign to “make world leaders understand their enormous responsibility towards future generations and persuade them of the urgent necessity to enact concrete laws that would stop climate change and the destruction of the planet”, explained Bianca Jagger.

Get Involved: Creativity Knows No Bounds

Children and teenagers have a completely free hand when it comes to the content and design of their messages and appeals. The theme is “Keep Life on Earth” and they can choose to concentrate on protecting the climate, preserving the rainforest, preventing the melting of the polar ice caps or safe-guarding life in the ocean, or another subject if they so wish.

More information, interactive communication and downloadable teaching materials are available on the campaign website

Children should send their letters and illustrations to:

Kids Call
P.O. Box 11 17 11
20401 Hamburg

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World Future Council

Robert Turner
Tel: : +49 173 73 20 788

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