Kasese (Uganda) commits to go for 100% Renewable Energies

Kasese district in Uganda commits to 100% Renewable Energy by 2020. Already today, the local people are distributors of the energy. We interviewed the Mayor of Kasese, Kabbyanga BK. Godfrey, during the Climate Conference in Bonn.


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Kasese: from unsustainable exploitation to empowerment

Between latitudes 0° 12’S and 0° 26N; longitudes 29° 42’E and 30° 18’E lies Kasese. This district in Uganda commits to run on 100% Renewable Energies exclusively from 2020 onwards.

The area is stressed by unsustainable forest management due to the fact that mostly wood is used as an energy source. Deterioration of the environment and poor health conditions are a direct result of the unsustainable practices.
To fight these developments, the Mayor of Kasese, Godfrey Baluku Kime has set out the goal to depend on renewable energies 100% by latest 2020. With a wide range of renewable energies such as biomass, solar, geothermal and Mini- hydroelectric technologies the transition will be made possible.

The prices of oil in the area have skyrocketed. Furthermore, the great efforts that Kasese is committing to are a role model for other areas to follow suit and it will soon be visible how the transition to 100% renewable energies is possible.

Additionally, the transition to 100% renewable energies will decrease the uncontrolled use of charcoal, firewood and kerosene which are the main energy sources thus far. A distinct plan of implementation is layed out in the Renewable Energy Startegy, which runs from 2013- 2020.

Kasese district is located in the South West of the Republic of Uganda

Kasese District is located in the south west of the Republic of Uganda


100% renewable energy and poverty reduction in Tanzania

Our Climate & Energy Team is working on a 100% Renewable Energy (RE) solution for Tanzania. The goal of the project is to develop a coherent strategy on how to implement 100% RE as part of Tanzania’s Sustainable Low Carbon Development and Poverty Reduction Goals.

Policy Roadmap for 100% RE and Poverty Eradication in Tanzania

This report suggests concrete political measures and outlines necessary governmental action to operationalize Tanzania’s 100%RE and poverty eradication target.