Hollywood goes Rwanda: Daryl Hannah joins World Future Council

Los Angeles/Hamburg/London. 8 December 2011. American actress Daryl Hannah has become a Councillor of the World Future Council. “We are thrilled and excited. The diversity of our ‘councillors’ backgrounds is vital in strengthening the voice of our council,” says World Future Council founder Jakob von Uexkull. The German-based foundation brings together up to 50 respected personalities from all five continents, from governments, parliaments, the arts, civil society, science and business. Together they form a global voice, speaking up for the rights of future generations.

Daryl Hannah is a committed environmental activist. She campaigns for sustainable livelihood, ecological agriculture and regenerative energy and runs a weekly video blog called www.dhlovelife.com on sustainable solutions. Hannah is widely known for her roles in several cult films, ranging from “Blade Runner“, “Splash” to “Kill Bill”. She has featured in the past amongst others with Robert Redford, Tom Hanks and Robbie Williams.

Recently she has been engaged in environmental projects in Rwanda. The country is the winner of the World Future Council’s 2011 Future Policy Award for its effective, comprehensive and inspiring forest policy. Hannah will now support the World Future Council’s work in promoting Rwanda’s national forest policy. A parliamentary hearing in Rwanda is planned for the summer of 2012.

“Several years ago, I travelled to Rwanda for world water day and I found Rwanda to be extremely prescient in demonstrating to the rest of the world how wise actions in one area can protect all life’’ says Daryl Hannah.

Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity and Honorary World Future Councillor Ahmed Djoghlaf states: “Rwanda is an inspiration for the world. The national policy to heal and restore nature is placing Rwanda firmly on the map as a global environmental leader. I am hoping many other countries will follow and I am delighted that Daryl Hannah will join us in our common quest for an intact and healthy planet. “

He added “We need more Daryl Hannah’s of the world to join forces to protect life on earth and promote a lifestyle in harmony with nature.“

The World Future Council appointed a number of new councillors at its Annual General Meeting in Hamburg in November. Further names will be released once the nominated candidates have accepted.

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