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Compassion and Determination to fight global crises – Easter wishes from the WFC Management Board

Dear Friends and Supporters,

No matter where we live or how different our lives: this Easter will be a memorable one for everyone on this planet. The Coronavirus pandemic is truly not the only crisis humankind is facing – but is has affected almost every earth citizen in one way or the other. We feel with the ones who are sick or who have lost loved ones, with those struggling because they cannot work and earn their livelihood, with those who can’t afford health care or even food, with medical staff and other workers who are under pressure and at risk every day, with those who feel lonely, with those who suffer because of the lockdowns and other restrictions. 

Yet, we are convinced that there lessons to learn from this crisis, as you can also read on our website, where we have been spreading thoughts and articles from our Councillors to the corona crisis. For example, the values of kindness, compassion and collaboration. We are dependent of each other, we can only fight a global emergency if we all work together and if we understand that our behaviour affects others – our family members and neighbours, but also people in other countries, on other continents. 

If we combat global pandemics, climate change, poverty, destruction of ecosystems and other urgent crises on this planet, we need to be compassionate and determined. We at the World Future Council believe in the power of policy solutions that have future generations in mind – perhaps the most challenging form of compassion. We invite you to join us and support our work for a just, sustainable and peaceful future – see here how to get involved. 

This Easter will be memorable for us too in another way: Theodor replaced Johanna, who went on maternity leave, as Member of the Management Board. He supports us during the current times and is excited to work for our solution oriented organisation. We both wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful Easter!

Warm regards,


Alexandra Wandel                                    Theodor Boitor

Chair, Management Board                      Management Board