Seven Principles for Future Just Lawmaking



Future Justice means putting the values that are essential to our survival at the heart of every law, and every policy. To help with this, we have developed seven policy principles for future just lawmaking.


BRAINPOoL_Project_Final_Report-1  BRAINPOoL_Project_Summary__Recommendations_and_Next_Steps-1


The World Future Council has been facilitating knowledge exchange on forest policy in East Africa for several years, bringing together Members of National Parliaments, policy-makers, researchers, international experts, activists and youth. Suggesting charcoal can be a sustainable and modern energy source has always been a hot topic. Charcoal has the negative reputation of being a dirty fuel, ‘low-tech’, an energy source of the past. A shift in perception is needed to act on political, investment and regulatory interventions.


Guarding our Future


This legal working paper discusses the creation of a new international crime: crimes against future generations. The initiative of creating crimes against future generations grew from discussions held by the Commission on Future Justice set up by the World Future Council (WFC) to develop new laws and policies in order to guarantee human security, ecological integrity and social equity in the interest of future generations and was led by Hon. Christopher J. Weeramantry, Bianca Jagger, and Prof. Marie- Claire Cordonier Segger.