The World Future Council at COP25 Climate Conference in Madrid: Our events

With the annual UN Climate Conference just around the corner, we are excited to invite you to meet our Climate & Energy Team at our side events from December 3 untill December 11 in Spain. This year, the 25th conference is taking place in Madrid, Spain from 2-13 December 2019. The Presidency of the Government of Chile aims for the implementation of the next crucial steps in the UN climate change process. The conference will be held with logistical support from the Government of Spain.

Our side events contribute to technological solutions and focus on the role of 100% Renewable Energy and the building of roadmaps to achieve the Agenda 2030.

Join our discussion, we would love to meet you during our side events!

100% Renewable Energy for All – the role of multi-actor-partnerships

  • Date

    3. December 2019 | 15.30 – 17.00

  • Location

    German Pavilion

  • Speaker/ Panel

    Dr. Martin Schuldes, Head of Unit Climate Cooperation, German Federal Ministry for
    Development Cooperation
    Ms. Francesca de Gasparis, Executive Director, Southern African Faith Communities’
    Environment Institute
    Mr. Dipesh Joshi, Senior Program Officer – Climate Resilience, WWF Nepal
    Mr. Jahangir Hasan Masum, Executive Director, Coastal Development Partnership
    Ms. Anna Skowron, Senior Project Officer, World Future Council

  • Description

    This side event shares lessons learned from 100% RE processes in Tanzania, Bangladesh and Costa Rica. It also discusses with perspectives from civil society and the German federal government the role of multi actor partnerships in enabling policy processes towards 100% RE in the Global South.

RElectrifiying NDCs: More Ambition through 100% RE

  • Date

    4. December 2019 | 10:00 – 11.30

  • Location

    Panda Hub

  • Speaker/ Panel
    1. Key note:

    Ms. Lea Ranalder, REN21

    1. Discussants:

    Ms. Andrea Meza,  Climate Change Directorate, Costa Rica

    Mr. Anh Vu Quoc, WWF Vietnam

    Mr. Dipesh Joshi, WWF Nepal

    Ms. Lydia Machaka, Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute

    Mr. Isaac Kabongo, Ecological Christian Organisation

    Mr. Jahangir Hasan Masum, Coastal Development Partnership Bangladesh

    Mr. Rafael Senga, WWF Philippines

    Mr. Raju Pandit Chhetri, Prakriti Resources Centre

    Mr. Adrian Blanco, La Ruta del Clima

    Mr. Sixbert Mwanga, Climate Action Network Tanzania

  • Description

    The event aims to inform participants about how scenarios of and a transition to 100% RE can lead to more ambitious and enhanced NDCs, based on projects with multi-stakeholder partnerships which inform a policy roadmap linking the transition to 100%RE to the socio-economic benefits of such a shift.

100% Renewable Energy for All through a Just Transition in Climate Vulnerable Countries

  • Date

    5. December 2019 | 11.30 – 13.30

  • Location

    Room 4

  • Speaker/ Panel

    Dr. Sven Teske, University of technology Sydney; Adrían Martínez Blanco, La Ruta del Clima; Jahangir Masum, Coastal Development Partnership; Anna Skowron, World Future Council

  • Description

    How can policy dialogues support a Just Transition in Costa Rica and Bangladesh?

    Can science-based roadmaps strengthen policy-making to accelerate the energy transition?

    How can Renewables reduce inequalities and strengthen democracy?

(RE)inforcing the Paris Agreement: From political will to action

  • Date:

    5. December; 6pm – 7pm (followed by a reception)

  • Location

    NDC Pavilion

  • Speaker/ Panel:

    NDC Partnership (tbc); Isaac Kabongo, ECO Uganda; Dipesh Joshi, WWF Nepal; Fentje Jacobsen, WWF Germany; Dr. Joachim Fünfgelt, Bread for the World

  • Description

    How can a shift to 100% Renewable Energy support enhance climate action?

    Can RE enhance NDC ambition?

    How would this play out on the ground?

    Haw can we ensure integration of RE into governance frameworks?

Parliamentary Breakfast: The role of Renewable Energy in NDCs

Launch – Building leaders in post-Paris times: National 100%RE roadmaps for Costa Rica and Bangladesh

  • Date

    11 Dec 2019 | 17:30-18:00

  • Location

    Blue Zone, Room MOCHA

  • Speaker/ Panel

    Dr. Sven Teske, Jahangir Masum, Adrían Blanco, Anna Skowron

  • Description

    Launch of 100%RE scenarios for Costa Rica and Bangladesh