The World Future Council at COP24 Climate Conference in Katowice: Our events

With the annual UN Climate Conference just around the corner, we are excited to invite you to meet our Climate & Energy Team at our side events on December 12 in Poland. This year, the 24th conference is taking place in Katowice, Poland from 2-14 December 2018. The Polish Presidency aims for the full implementation of the Paris Rule Book helping countries to implement and enhance their determined contributions.

The three key topics will be

technology – providing climate-friendly modern solutions,
human – leading change together with people, and
nature – considering climate, biodiversity and desertification.

Our side events contribute to technological solutions and focus on the role of 100% Renewable Energy and the building of roadmaps to achieve the Agenda 2030.

Join our discussion, we would love to meet you during our side events!
In case, you cannot make it to Poland, all side events will be broadcasted via Skype Meeting Broadcast.

1. Delivering Renewables at Scale: A must to meet the Paris Agreement

  • Date:

    Wednesday, 12.12.2018 at 16:45 – 18:15, Room 3

  • Speaker/ Panel:

    Laura Williamson, REN21
    Rob van Riet, World Future Council
    Sebastian Helgenberger, IASS

  • Facilitator:

    Stefan Schurig, F20

  • Theme:

    Join a lively exchange about delivering renewables at scale. How can we ensure effective investment of the $52 trillion needed to meet 2030 climate objectives? How can the co-benefits of renewable energy drive an ambitious climate agenda? How are Agenda 2030, the NDCs and achieving 100%RE linked?

2. Building successful 100%RE roadmaps – leading in post-Paris times

  • Date:

    Wednesday, 12.12.2018 at 10:00 – 11:15, WWF Pavilion

  • Speaker:

    Michael Schäfer, WWF
    Anna Skowron, World Future Council
    Sven Teske, UTS
    Sixbert Mwanga, CAN Tanzania

  • Facilitator:


  • Theme:

    The recent IPCC report urges us to fully decarbonise the way we live – this means a transition towards 100% renewable energy. How can this transition be achieved? What are the RE potentials? Why do we need national roadmaps? How are the Agenda 2030,  the NDCs and 100% RE linked?