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The Hamburg Call to Action

Today we stand at the crossroads of human history. Our actions − and our failures to act − will decide the future of life on earth for thousands of years, if not forever. Our generation will be scrutinized with exceptional fierceness by those coming after us, for decisions taken now will have profound consequences for them in terms of lives saved or lost.

The Future Starts This Week in Hamburg

The World Future Council (WFC) has reached its full complement of 50 eminent global pioneers, representing all continents from the world of business, politics, civil society and the arts. Now, this strong new voice is about to get even louder.

World Future Council to be launched 2007 in Hamburg

The city of Hamburg will provide the core funding for the launch and initial phase of the WFC. The Head Office of the WFC will be sited in Hamburg from September 2006 and the full WFC inaugural conference will be held there in the second quarter of 2007. The other WFC offices will continue to operate.

Drumming for a Sustainable Future

The World Future Council (WFC), founded by Jakob von Uexkull, was set up with the explicit aim of overcoming global action gaps to ensure that future generations inherit a world worth living in. The Council will research, distil and promote integrated long-term solutions to the problems of today’s world.