Sao Paulo/Delhi/Hamburg, 24 August 2019: As forests burn in the Amazon, the World Future Council highlights that the forest is a common heritage of humanity critical for climate and biodiversity and that governments need to urgently step up action to protect the Amazon.

Thais Corral , World Future Councillor from Brazil and Co-Founder of Women’s Environment and Development Organisation says:

“Since Bolsonaro serves as Brazilian President, deforestation rates have accelerated rapidly. Governments need to take him to the International Criminal Court for crimes against future generations. The stewardship of the Amazon belongs to the peoples of the planet and its destination should not be under any  specific country sovereignity.”

Vandana Shiva, Founding World Future Councillor says: “Bolsonaro is clearing forests for producing beef and soya that destroy the lung of the Earth.  European governments should stop the EU Mercosur trade agreement which aims to increase exports of beef and genetically modified soya.”

The World Future Council warns that tropical forests grown over centuries are threatened and need to be preserved in the interest of present and future generations. The Amazon is a critical source of oxygen, biodiversity and indigenous knowledge.

“We call for immediate steps to preserve the Amazon. Governments need to develop  and implement agroecology policies that support biodiverse, small scale and climate resilient agriculture” states Alexandra Wandel, Executive Director of the Word Future Council.

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