New study: Financing the Green Climate Fund

A sustainable future is only possible if we can limit global warming to 2°C. In order to achieve this goal, an estimated $1000 billion need to be invested annually in developing climate friendly energy production solutions. This can be accomplished through the purchase of Green Climate Bonds by Central Banks. Read our brand new study which outlines why and how.

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Future Policy Award 2015: 29 laws nominated!

Children are our future and this year we are celebrating the world’s best laws and policies that secure some of their most fundamental rights as stated in the UN Convention on the Right of the Child (UNRC). 29 laws from all over the world were nominated for the Future Policy Award 2015. Click to find out more

Pathfinder 2015

Insight into our international work

Our latest annual report, the "Pathfinder 2015", provides an overview of our international work since the beginning of 2014. From South America to Africa and Europe, we have been busy bringing together experts from around the world to discuss and share existing solutions to today's problems. You can download the report here.

Euro crisis: Call for "Irish debt cut" for Greece

In an appeal, WFC financial experts call for an end to austerity measures and to reduce government debt by allowing Greece to follow the Irish example and neutralize a portion of its debt through the European System of Central Banks. "The Greek have suffered enough" says Jakob von Uexkull.

"The Monetary System in crisis": New study on monetary reform

Our current monetary system is facing a fundamental crisis. Our new study provides a short summary of the current ideas on monetary reform and highlights how a simpler monetary policy tool could facilitate change without a complex restructuring of the banking system.



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Arms Control Exchange - from Argentina to BIH

As part of our follow-up activities to the 2013 Future Policy Award on Disarmament, on March 6-7, we brought together representatives from Argentina and Bosnia and Herzegovina to exchange their experiences in addressing small arms issues. Click here to find out more and here for pictures!

© DfID: Marina Sorgo

WFC calls for political intervention to end FGM

Members of the WFC call on the governments of all countries concerned to take tough measures against Female Genital Mutilation. In a joint appeal they emphasize that it is a question of political will and consistent implementation of laws to stop these human rights violations against women and girls. Read the press release here.

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