Introducing: Count Hans-Christof von Sponeck

WFC Councillor Count Hans-Christof von Sponeck reflects about the United Nations, the World Future Council, and his current activities:

Three decades with the United Nations, mainly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and the WFC councillorship confirm to me how much the ideals of the two institutions have in common.

In reminding us that human progress can not be based on sustainability alone but must be grounded in inter-generational justice and recognise nature in its own right, the World Future Council is taking a bold lead in the debate about multilateralism and global existence.

This constitutes a superb framework within which to reflect and to act.

Over the years it has become increasingly important to me to balance time invested in the conceptual and the analytical, and in that which makes a tangible difference.

This translates for me into a range of activities which includes teaching at the Conflict Research Centre of the University of Marburg, participating on boards of non-governmental organisations located in different parts of the world being concerned with youth, education, peace and conflict resolution, human and military security and the reform of multilateralism.

Geographically, the focus of my work is the Middle East and South Asia.
United Nations reform remains a special interest.

I enjoy my role as a trainer of international civil servants at the UN Staff College in Torino.

A good part of my time involves the management of a scholarship programme for Iraqi IB students and a medical treatment programme for Iraqi patients. These include resource mobilization and placement at schools and hospitals outside of Iraq.

As a WFC Councillor, a key challenge for me is to contribute to the creation of synergies between commitment to the environment, future justice and human security.

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