Climate and Energy

"How can legislators enable a rapid shift to a renewable energy-powered economy?"

The WFC Commission on Climate and Energy addresses this question in order to overcome the serious gaps in policy action and implementation. It focuses on the following working areas:


What we do

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We research, disseminate, and advise key decision-makers on best policies. Specifically, we promote:

  • implementing renewable energy legislation worldwide, especially the feed-in tariff policy >>

  • accelerating the renewable energy transition in rural and urban Africa, through the African Renewable Energy Alliance >>

  • moving towards regenerative urbanisation with available technology and best policies, through our Expert Commission on Cities and Climate Change >>

  • using the IMF Special Drawing Rights to finance the global energy transition >>

  • Furthermore, we:

  • provide a unique online policy toolkit with the legal and technical expertise needed to develop policy solutions at

  • publish books, reports, brochures and fact-sheets, including the book "A Renewable World" which explores solutions of using a green economy as basis for a prosperous and sustainable world >>

  • blog regularly about our work and related subjects at


Your contact partner

Stefan Schurig
World Future Council
Lilienstraße 5-9
20095 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 3070914 27
Email: Stefan Schurig

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