6th Annual General Meeting of the World Future Council in Abu Dhabi

A memorable opening ceremony marked the start of the 6th WFC AGM. Don't miss out on reading the remarkable welcome speech by H.H Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, who emphasized that „our future economic growth will be disastrous if it is not sustainable“, and the equally remarkable response by WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull who expressed the World Future Council's hope to be able to establish a permanent presence in the UAE. Councillors, advisors and numerous guests were entertained by the „Fantasia Ballet“ and in a beautiful symbolic gesture a healthy planet was handed over to three Abu Dhabi children. Please see our press release for more information.

We generated media coverage in such diverse countries as Kazakhstan, Kenya, the Seychelles, the USA and of course the UAE and various reports on the news in "Abu Dhabi TV". The first TV news report can be watched online (Arabic introduction by the news presenter from 7:05 min., the actual feature at 7:33 min.) Read also the article on the opening ceremony in The National!


Symbolic handover of a healthy planet to three Abu Dhabi children. From left to right: Prof. Rafia Ghubash, Abdul Majeed Al Fahim, the "Paper Bag Boy" Abdul Muqeet, H.H Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahyan, Jakob von Uexkull, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, Ebrahim Al Haddar.
WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull signing the canvas to congratulate the UAE on their 41st National Day Celebrations and to thank Nahtam Social Responsibility and Mr. Abdul Majeed Al Fahim for organizing the 6th Annual General Meeting of the WFC (with Abdul Majeed Al Fahim, Ebrahim Al Haddar, George Itty and Alexandra Wandel).
Jakob von Uexkull, H.H Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahyan, Sir James Mancham, Prof. Rafia Ghubash, Abdul Majeed Al Fahim, Tony Colman (from left to right) and other eminent personalities at the 6th Annual General Meeting.
H.H Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahyan honored the WFC by inaugurating the Annual General Meeting with a welcome speech.
Nahtam Youth Wing Leader Maha Al Fahim speaking during the opening ceremony of the WFC 6th Annual General Meeting.
Visit of Prof. Rafia Ghubash's Women's Museum of the UAE - Bait Al Banat (from left to right) Tony Colman, Hafsat Abiola-Costello, Thais Corral, Alistair Whitby, Ansgar Kiene, Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, Jan McAlpine, Prof. Hans Peter Dürr, Alexandra Wandel, Rosemary Weeramantry, Dr. Vithal Rajan, Prof. Rafia Ghubash.

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