Renewable Energy

Using already-available technology, solar power could provide almost four times the world's current energy use. Yet 80% of our energy still comes from fossil fuels that increase CO2 emissions, trigger climate chaos, disrupt nature, and further concentrate wealth. The "convenient truth" is that we can choose abundant, renewable energies to meet our needs and bring power to the people by abandoning centralised energy infrastructure and monopolies in favour of decentralised, renewable energy production.

Our aim

To accelerate the introduction and implementation of effective renewable energy legislation worldwide and simultaneously promote policies that radically improve energy efficiency.

Our work

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The WFC continues to provide expert support to policy-makers keen to introduce renewable energy legislation. Building on our efforts that sparked new renewable energy laws in South Africa, Australia, the UK and an increasing number of US states, the challenge today is supporting policy-makers elsewhere – both in grid-connected and off-grid areas - to introduce similarly effective laws. We:

  • organise strategy workshops with parliamentarians, experts and stakeholders in Africa, Europe and the US combined with direct advocacy for renewable energy

  • draft reports highlighting the potential climate and economic gains of an accelerated switch to renewable energy

  • organise parliamentary hearings in Asia and Africa in cooperation with e-Parliament, a global network of parliamentarians, to develop detailed policy proposals

  • provide an online toolkit with all relevant information needed to successfully adopt and implement renewable energy legislation comprising a feed-in tariff policy

Renewable Energy in Africa

We focus on bringing positive change to three countries that stand at a development crossroads facing choices between large-scale fossil fuel or nuclear energy and a future of renewable energy: Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa. We analyse the energy production and consumption in these countries and develop detailed policy measures that would realise the promise of renewable energy for all citizens. The WFC is considered one of the key references for renewable energy development on the continent.

Film: Power to the People

African Renewable Energy Alliance

The African Renewable Energy Alliance (AREA) is a pan-African multi-stakeholder network of policy-makers and representatives from business, civil society, and academia that was initiated by the WFC. The platform facilitates information exchange and consultation about policies, technologies and financial mechanisms for the deployment of renewable energies in Africa.

Find out more on the official website of AREA.

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